Samsung DW80N3030US Dishwasher with third rack
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Samsung DW80N3030US Dishwasher with third rack

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Easily load cutlery & optimize space

3rd Rack

A 3rd Rack provides a dedicated space at the top for small and light items, such as cutlery and utensils. It also frees up more space in the rest of the dishwasher for other items.



Easily check and control with one touch

Touch Control

Take control with one touch using a fully integrated Touch Control panel with soft touch technology. Located on top of the door, you can easily select functions with a gentle touch and intuitively check the status of each cycle. It also creates a modern kitchen style with a clean, minimalist look.

Easily check and control with one touch

Durable, stain resistant Hybrid Tub

Hybrid Tub

Keep your dishwasher looking like new. The hybrid tub featuring a stainless steel door interior is durable, quiet and clean.

More durable, stain resistant Hybrid Tub

Rapid water leak detection & protection

Leakage Sensor

Leakage Sensor is located below the dishwasher so it detects small traces of water. If any leaks are found, it stops the cycle, drains the water and shows an error message.

Rapid water leak detection & protection

Easily fit in taller and wider dishes

Height Adjustment

The Height Adjustment feature allows the upper rack to be moved up or down by an extra 2 inches to create more space in the lower rack. So cleaning tall pots, wide platters and oversized plates is no longer a problem.

Flexibly fit in taller and wider dishes

Cleaner dishes – automatically

Auto Cycle

The Auto Cycle feature ensures that your dishes are cleaned efficiently. It detects how dirty they are and then automatically selects the optimal cleaning cycle.

Even cleaner dishes – automatically

Less noise. Less disturbance at home.

Quiet operation

The Hybrid Tub, with a stainless steel inner door, is designed to create less noise. It absorbs much of the sound and vibration when it’s working, so it operates quietly. At 51 decibels it is quieter than a normal conversation.

Less noise. Less disturbance at home.

Certified energy & water efficiency


Become more environmentally friendly, while also spending less. The dishwasher is ENERGY STAR® certified. So you save money using less energy and water with each cycle without sacrificing performance or functionality. Its exceptional energy efficiency also reduces the impact on the environment.



Install Type - Built under
Size - 24"T
Control Type - Front touch
Color/Material - STSS
Display Light Color - Ice blue
Washing Type - Rotary
Capacity (Place Setting) - 15 P/S
Energy Star Certification - Yes
Energy Annual consumption - 255 kWh/year
Dry System - Vent
Water Consumption Per Cycle (gallons) - 3.5 gallons
Noise level (dBA) - 51 dBA
Cycle time (min) - 139 min


Quick Installation Guide - Download product manual (PDF - 1.1MB)