36" Super Premium Telescope Hood, 1200 Cfm In-Line Blower Sold Separately, Top Vent Ventilation, Magnetic Filter, Hand Made
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36" Super Premium Telescope Hood, 1200 Cfm In-Line Blower Sold Separately, Top Vent Ventilation, Magnetic Filter, Hand Made

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Premium Craftsmanship

The highest attention to craftsmanship – from the elegant marriage of glass and steel to the remarkable performance features – makes this ventilation system a rare work of art.

19-Inch Rise

Hood rises a full 19 inches to effectively ventilate cooking vapors from all types of cookware -- from shallow saute pans to tall stockpots.

1,200-CFM High-Performance Blower (Sold Separately)

Provides exceptionally powerful ventilation that's designed to accommodate high heat from every type of cooktop and capture even the most persistent cooking odors.

7.5 Sone Rating (1,200-CFM Blower sold separately)

7.5 Sone Rating (1,200-CFM Blower sold separately)

Dishwasher-Safe Aluminum Mesh Filters, with Stainless Steel Frame

Easy-to-clean filters that maintain optimal ventilation performance by keeping ductwork clean.

Magnetic Filter Lock

A strong magnetic fastener that helps ensure optimal performance and quiet operation by locking the filter tightly against the seal.

Ambient LED Lighting

Elegant white lighting behind a translucent sheet of curved glass adds an alluring touch of refinement to your kitchen.

10-Inch Round Exterior Venting

Large-diameter venting that enables quiet airflow for efficient performance.

Three Exhaust Positions

Versatile ducting options (left, right or bottom) that help ensure optimal installation of the ventilation system.

Concealed Controls

Concealed yet easily accessible, these controls maintain the hood’s elegant aesthetic.

Remote Control

Offers ease and convenience by enabling you to control all ventilation functions from a distance.

4 Fan Speed Settings

Provides a range of ventilation power to accommodate your precise cooking needs.

Timed Blower Off

This selection continues to clear the kitchen of cooking vapors even after food has finished cooking, by gradually reducing ventilation speed until blower is completely off.

Automatic Shutoff When Retracted

This feature provides peace of mind by ensuring that the blower will always be turned off once the hood has been lowered into the countertop.

Status and Fan Speed Indicator Lights

LED lights that clearly display fan speeds and indicate when Timed Blower Off mode is activated.

Clean Filter Indicator Light

A convenient indicator light that reminds you when it’s time to clean the dishwasher-safe filters.

Curved Downdraft Design

The hood makes a bold statement by elegantly rising from the countertop when cooking begins, and retracting back into the countertop to maintain open sight lines when not in use.

Stainless Steel Trim

Matching trim that adds a finishing touch around the retractable hood’s integration into the countertop.